Best 2023 New Year's Eve Parties in the USA

New Year’s Eve can be celebrated in a number of ways, and planning for a proper New Year’s Eve can be daunting, and that’s because there are many choices to make. Which party or event? Take a cab, or Uber-it? Get a hotel perhaps? How much is too much to drink? Let’s dive in. 

Where To Go

This option is packed with the most variety of activities and hijinks one could enjoy. New Year’s Eve celebrations have been a staple tradition for many generations. No other celebration is more famous than the one in New York City’s Time Square. The Ball Drop in Times Square is so iconic that other major cities now do their own version of it. Las Vegas, for example puts on a fireworks show unlike any other. The entire stip is shut down to traffic, turning it into one gigantic block party. To top it off, at midnight, the casinos launch a choreographed fireworks display from their rooftops. Miami is known for throwing a celebration in downtown, featuring live music and the dropping of "The Big Orange" (a 35 foot neon orange icon). The event was ranked by both USA Today and MSN as one of the Top 10 Places to Ring in the New Year. Another city that  puts on a grand NYE show is Nashville. Many big names in the music industry attend the Jack Daniel’s Music City Midnight. Fireworks are shot off, and instead of a ball they drop a music note at midnight.   

For those looking for a smaller venue to ring in the New Year, Howl at the Moon is a great option as well. Howl at the Moon is a piano bar with a variety of musical entertainment. They’re known for their 86 oz. mixed drink buckets and their Hurricanes. This is not the only reason why they’re a good option. The main reason is that they are located in many major cities, such as Denver, San Antonio, and Indianapolis to name a few.

Many people also travel to watch their favorite college football team's bowl game and celebrate New Years Eve while they are there.

Doing It Right and Doing it Safely

You have your venue or party picked out, but how will you get there? If you can’t take public transportation, and have to take a vehicle, consider going the rideshare route like Uber or Lyft. It may cost a bit more, but what you get in return is peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about the possibility of having too many drinks, and not being able to drive. If you do over indulge, or are worried you might, many cities have sober ride programs that are free. Before you go out, look up your local program and save their number on your phone. AAA also offers free rides for members as well as nonmembers. 

If you have some extra cash to blow, consider getting a hotel room. Get your reservations early, and don’t wait until the last minute. Also, room rates tend to inflate the closer it gets to New Year’s Eve. 

A great combo option would be finding a party that is hosted at or by a hotel. That way it’s a one stop shop, and all you have to worry about is getting to and from there. Many, if not all, Hotel New Year’s Eve parties include a room with their ticket packages, such as the Hotel Valencia in both San Antonio and San Jose.   

When it comes to drinking, know your limits. Stay hydrated, and don’t forget to have a solid meal. Remember, no matter how great you feel on New Year’s Eve, you’re gonna feel it the next day if you overdo it. Also, alcohol can really interfere with your memory. So what fun is it to forget an enjoyable night that only comes once a year? Remember, some cities have stricter public intoxication laws than others, so be sure to know yours if you plan on pub crawling.   

The bottom line is that you should really plan your night out ahead of time. This way you won’t be stressing about the logistics, allowing you to focus more on having fun and enjoying yourself. 

It’s the last night of the year. It may be saying “goodbye” to the old year, but why not send it off in both style and safety? Enjoy it. You made it through another year. It’s time to revel in it, and look forward to what the New Year has in store.

Watch New Years Eve Countdown

Prefer to watch New Years Eve from home instead of dealing with the crowds and the expense of going out on New Years Eve? Or, if you are out for the evening at a bar, restaurant or friends place you can watch a New Years Eve live stream from your phone.

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